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  1. +John Nandor Thanks – the shots themselves are not great quality but I might go out with the DSLR and see what I can do.

  2. iPhone +Steve Johnson? I ask because I don't have one but fooled around with one out at dinner the other night and was shocked at the screens clarity….either way you fooled me : )

  3. +John Nandor Not iPhone but setting on camera that records 3mb out of a possible 14mb – but not by cropping but rather using one pixel every so many therefore utilizing full sensor size- gives the pixels room (I think) the setting is actually a fast burst setting but it works great for just about anything where hi res isn't essential. This camera is a Lumix ZS8. Powershots have a similar setting which also does single shot but they call it a low light option.

  4. Nice….it's been awhile since I fooled with a powershot. I'll have to take a look into that Lumix and see if it's something I'd be interested in toting around with ease as opposed to a full bag. Thanks +Steve Johnson!

  5. +John Nandor I like the Lumix a lot – it is a bit noisy and is an extended point and shoot rather than an alternative DSLR but use it within its limits and its great. The image stabilization is great and around 700mm efl @ 5mb is easily achieved hand held on anything other than a very gloomy day. Not great for close up work it has to said. Also very little distortion considering the zoom range – starts at efl 24mm which is really useful.

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