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  1. Solidly seen. Good work.

  2. minimal….and so gooood! what is it..behid these windows.. :)+++


  3. +fan tai +Gerard Charnley +buda buda +maru clavier +maru clavier +don waters +Jim Austin Thanks! sort of seemed appropriate at this moment in history :)

  4. Sweet, loving the symetry that you nailed just right here.

  5. What a great image this is, +Steve Johnson !!!
    Superb compo …

  6. that's exactly what I thought as soon as I seen this one~ good one Steve~

  7. You are too cool for school, +Steve Johnson and super clever to boot! Love this!

  8. +Jennifer Eden Thanks Jennifer – my teacher's didn't think that I was very cool at all :) +Brenda Jun Thanks Brenda!

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