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  1. would be great to see more samples

  2. +raymond samson I'll be working on this for the next 4-5 days so watch this space as they say :)

  3. Uhh, not boring. Intriguing. Gonna keep my eyes on this to see how it goes.

  4. Thanks +Dion V hoping to post the first installment tomorrow then one a week for around half a dozen weeks.

    Bryce is free and can be used on PCs or Macs (no Linux version unfortunately) so most readers will be able to play along if they so desire.

    I must admit that I am curious to see whether there is any interest in using 3D CGI for this slightly abstract purpose as opposed to the more traditional imitating real spaces/creating fantasy landscapes thing.

  5. Ooo, I forgot about that. I looked at Bryce a few years back, but that's when I was a Linux diehard. Circumstances forced me back to Windows (but I'm hoping to jump on the Mac bandwagon soon). Time to look at Bryce again.

    Turns out I'm also subscribed to your RSS feed, so if I miss the update here on G+, I'll see it in Reader. Yay!

  6. +Dion V I like Bryce I must admit – what it lacks in absolute accuracy it more than makes up for in ease of use and instant gratification. It would be very hard to do this using say, Blender.

    I will either post duplicates here and on the blog or on the blog with a link, first paragraph and overview from here. I am leaning towards the latter mainly because I'll need to publish several images in sequence and surrounded by the correct words – not yet possible here.

  7. I've been playing with Blender off and on for years. It's pretty tricky. It's likely just a matter of getting the hang of it, but I do like Open Source Software.

    I just downloaded Bryce. It's free for a limited time. As are DAZ Studio, and Hexagon. Score!

  8. oh bryce cool have it but tuts on it are hard to find

  9. +David Kaiser Lots here:
    some are better than others – they are also in English only (I think).

    My approach will be a little different.

  10. +Dion V Missed this yesterday – didn't realize that Hexagon was now free – I am not really into modelling but that may change now. Thanks for the heads up. BTW I posted the first part of the Bryce series here:http://minimalistphotography101.com/3d-for-the-photographer-part-1/

  11. will you be applying actual images to the sample you posted?

  12. +raymond samson If you mean the photographs that I import into the 3D scenes I wasn't going to because I expected people to work with their own photographs and just use my instructions as a guide but I could make them available in a zip file.

    If I were creating lifelike models I would include them (technically the textures) but this is a bit different.

    As for the finished images – to be honest they are not that great. They were done for the sake of the tutorial (no processes more complicated than introductory)rather than to be outstanding examples. This will change later when though and I'll make higher res versions available.

    Don't know if this helps (or even makes sense) if not let me know.

  13. ok, it's really for instructional purposes, for the user to get the basics and come up with their own finished images using the program. i guess in time you'll be able to do hi res 3D images yourself

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