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  1. This is cool, but I like your first choice. It blends the bokeh better and leaves more mystery.

  2. What an interesting shot! Love the colors.

  3. +Todd Green I agree totally. I shot it intending it to be black and white, just threw this up for reference really. I am also heavily biased towards monochrome anyway :)

  4. Oh wow!! Totally different! I like this one too but the b&w is definitely more perplexing.

  5. +Kerry Murphy Thanks Kerry – I prefer the b/w one myself – a bit of mystery is good :)

  6. The red cast shadow makes it. Normally I prefer B&W, but this has something extra in the colour.

  7. Best part of this picture is lovely bokeh!!!

  8. +Paras Shah +Peter Jordan-Turner Thanks! I still prefer the b/w and blame my 500mm 1.8 for the bokeh :)

  9. 50mm or 500mm? I am planning to add Canon 50mm 1.8, if that's the kind of bokeh it will produce, i would hit buy now :D

  10. +Paras Shah yup 50mm – if anyone has a 500mm f1.8 I am accepting early Christmas presents :)

  11. If anyone could make a 500mm 1.8 it would be worth many thousands of $. The Canon 400mm f2.8 is over $8000 ;-) Not to mention it would probably have to weigh about 7kg and be just humongous.

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