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  1. Love the graphic nature of this image.

  2. A beautiful blend of hot, cold and chrome!

  3. +Rick Leaf Thanks! In all fairness, whoever had done the work on the truck made it a very easy photograph.

  4. Whoa! This sticks out on my stream like an explosion! Awesome shot +Steve Johnson !

  5. +Doug DeTraz Thanks Doug – I am sure I've produced some that stick out fro all the wrong reasons and will likely do so again :)

  6. Steve, this whole series from you lately has popped right out of my screen when they roll by. Awesome stuff, man.

  7. +Doug DeTraz Thanks Doug – I am trying out some new stuff – seeing all the good work here is making me take a long hard look at just how lazy I've got :) sad but true.

  8. Wonderful! Graphic look is very good!
    +Steve Johnson don't know if I told you before but you are in my "everyday" circle with very select company.

  9. I am honored :) you are in my Priority circle which amounts to the same thing I suspect – it is the one I sit on first thing and then several times during the day. I don't get to comment as much as I'd like on others streams though – working on improving that – life is a bit chaotic at the moment – nothing bad, just busy on many fronts.

  10. I am honored as well. Thank you. I know how life can be like that!

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