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  1. archive images completely acceptable  : )  just getting ready to post you something, had a go with a few cards just now . Love this! the light and shadows make this very cool . . . it's actually quite noir . . . I reckon you could tag this for +Film Noir Friday ; ) 

  2. +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks :) this one was shot in what I laughingly call my studio, tiny space but the light is good – the other more recent ones were snapped in my office. Good point about #filmnoirfriday  

  3. +Steve Johnson  my 'studio' is my kitchen table ; )  good light, and nice solid surface . . .

  4. +Jules Falk Hunter sounds good to me – our kitchen is too dark, wrong side of the house which is a pity.

  5. +Steve Johnson ours is west facing, so I get good light all afternoon . . . and then the sunset over the ocean from my kitchen window . . . pretty spoilt . makes up for all those cold wet years in derbyshire though ; ) 

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter Derbyshire has some beautiful scenery even if it is often wet :) 

  7. +Steve Johnson indeed it does, and I miss those rolling hills and stone walls . . . but don't have a huge desire to go back  . I started life in London and Bristol you see, moved to Derbyshire for a big chunk of my growing up and now my parents are based in Devon , which is a wonderful place to go and visit . I'm actually off there next month, so will be sure to check out the old family game collection amongst other things ; ) 

  8. I am from Devon – Ilfracombe to be precise. Moved to London when I was six though and grew up there. Spent about ten years just outside Blackpool then back down south then hopped over the pond about ten years ago. We are aiming to end up either on the West coast here or Somerset England – could go either way :)

  9. My dad's from Devon, and it's where my parents both met ( at boarding school ) , so he always planned to end up back there . They live in Rattery, tiny little village 5 miles from Totnes , and a couple of years ago I bought a little house there, right in the middle of Totnes, and go back twice a year ( I rent it out as a holiday let the rest of the year if you ever need a lovely place to stay ; )  . I am torn between the two . . . I guess a lot depends on where my kids end up . Ideally I'd like to keep both houses and spent time in each . . . but we've got a few more years of college fees to go so not sure if that's realistic! +Steve Johnson 

  10. +Jules Falk Hunter 
    Have been to Totnes bot Rattery though (but I have heard of it). At the moment I have a share in a house in Dorchester/Weymouth area that is currently on the market – I may go there if I get a chance and it doesn't sell later on in the Autumn. fortunately no college fees involved (that would probably bankrupt me at the moment!)

  11. +Steve Johnson we've got one down ( but he's now talking grad school . . . )  three to go . . . Elle's got one more year, the other two are 16 and 18 so it's going to be a while yet .  I try and go back in the spring and the fall . . . spend some time with my folks while they're still up for some fun, lived too far away for so long, it's good to have that to look forward to , and having my own place makes it practically perfect : ) 

  12. S-a mai dus o speranta!

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