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  1. my god yes! like the crack for mini games

  2. +Steve Johnson i was an addict in the 80's. push, pull, shuffle shots! cool!

  3. +Sam Weinstein Ditto – I was in the UK at the time and was renting a room to a guy from Alabama and he got me hooked. We called it table football though.

  4. it was foosball here, as i am sure you know. i used to play "front" im a weekly tournament back in NY. I guess it was late 70's now that i think about. damn, i'm old :) +Steve Johnson

  5. +Sam Weinstein you and me both! My favorite table was in a dilapidated bar in Belgium – we used to do a run about once every 2 weeks to stock up on cigarettes and would spend about 3 hours on the table. Played some tournament games, lost more than we won!

  6. oh the memories you bring back. lot's of beer, cigs… and trying to stay on the table taking on the challengers. sometimes you could go a long way for a quarter :) +Steve Johnson

  7. Oooooh, reminds me of my days back in college :)

  8. +Sam Weinstein same principle as the pool table – winner stays on challenger pays – an immutable law of physics (:

  9. +Daniel Chen Pool in college for me – this distraction came later. (:

  10. +Steve Johnson I was at a wedding a few months back, and the groom had brought in a Tornado table for the reception. Kept lots of guys very entertained :)

  11. +Daniel Chen Excellent move – if I'd done that I probably wouldn't be married now (:

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