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  1. Fakey festive glow… you wow me with all those technical terms, +Steve Johnson . ;) Nice comp on this.

  2. +James Kennedy Thanks! +Celine Chamberlin Thanks! Oh yes – technical terms has always been a strong suit :)

  3. The painter of light and a card for every occasion worked into a photo of a dumpster. You are the pinnacle +Steve Johnson

  4. +Greg Murray Sometimes my cynicism gets the better of me.

  5. I like the photo also!

  6. wonder if you could make it into a ride for #transporttuesday ?

  7. +Gene Bowker ha! think it says nothing with four wheels in the blurb :) possibly TuesDecay though.

  8. +Steve Johnson oh.. I was hoping for a 6 wheeled one :)

  9. Can't use a skateboard for #transporttuesday +Gene Bowker because they have four wheels?

  10. +Gene Bowker ha! for all I remember it may be a two wheel and a block of wood one.

  11. +Ian Ference Thanks dude! hope that you get to feeling better ASAP – take care.

  12. +Greg Murray I always assumed four wheels really meant 4 wheels plus an engine.

  13. +Greg Murray sure.. I'm only "disallowing" cars, trucks, etc.. :)

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