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  1. Maybe uncomfortable – but very good looking!

  2. +Thomas Jäger thanks! a chair for designers and not rear ends :) +Becky Collins Old School is good :)

  3. +Jens Ceder you have my sympathy – a cushion helps :)

  4. +Peter Kirkwood cheated I'm afraid- Pixlr-o-matic software – The lighting is as shot though. I do like the toy cameras though and have played around with Holgas.

  5. There's nothing real in this world anyway. Everything gets constructed in our mind.

  6. Cheating? I don't think there's any such thing in photography, Steve :-)

    For me, it's (nearly always) the image itself that I'm interested in—not whether or not it's an "accurate" representation of "reality".

    This was finally brought home to me last year when reading an article on Ansel Adams which included two prints of his "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico". The iconic image that everyone knows is vastly different from his first print, and was achieved by techniques including, apparently, washing the print itself in various solutions. Cheating? ;-)

    An Adams quote (allegedly – I haven't been able to source it!):

    "You don't TAKE a photograph – you MAKE one."

    (Certainly he often referred to "making" a photogfraph.)

    Anyway – I like your images very much!

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