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  1. It’s good to ‘meet’ you. I live in Muncie. I see you’re in the same state. I do love your minimalistic philosophy. I use a cheap Canon point and shoot and just love it.

    • steve

      Hi Laura
      Confession – the only thing that I know about Muncie is that Dave Letterman was raised there. My defence is that I’ve only lived in Indiana for 9 years. Not much of a defense really.

      Beautiful shot btw. The colors and delicacy are wonderful. You have also done something that I have never managed to achieve – a great shot with siding in the background – that is the honest truth!


  2. Just spent this early Sunday AM reading some of your posts, and I must say, “Excellent!” and well worth my precious creative time. The Democratization article, and the Point and Shoot blogs are both absolutely right on.
    FYI, I teach two photo classes to “seniors” (over 55) who usually aren’t so tuned in to the new brave digital world. Most fearful of Iphones and Facebook…. As soon a I began reading your blog i thought “Perfect, succinct articles that I’d like to use in my classes…” You have expressed some of the things I discuss in my classes far better than I. Kudos to you Steve, and thanks for sharing your photo philosophy with us all.

    • steve

      Wow and thanks! I really do think that things are finally changing and that the less elitist approach is winning out. I have noticed a definite change in tone around the internet over the past few months. The attitude seems to be moving much more towards a live and let live one which is much healthier IMO.


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