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  1. lovely atmosphere Steve . . . warm and welcoming . . . love those slipcovers ; )

  2. Jules – My wife made those – she does amazing stuff like that. The warmth is all her doing as I have the interior design skills of an amoeba :)

  3. +Steve Johnson you are a lucky man : )  . . . going to have to post some feet now . . .  'tis   #feetfriday  after all  ; )

  4. I never knew there was such a thing as #feetfriday :) I do feel lucky.

  5. Gorgeous! I love the feet up and the soft light!

  6. +Steve Johnson I tell you, if you can think it, there's a theme for it ; )

  7. +Cheryl Cooper Thanks – we like our creature comforts :)

  8. +Jules Falk Hunter Ain't that the truth :) I attempted to look through the entire list the other day and my eyes glazed over after about 15 minutes. It is all good though.

  9. Nicely captured Steve. Reminds me I need to put my feet up now :)

  10. Thanks Craig guess my work here is done then :) +Craig Szymanski

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