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  1. Amazing.  Simply amazing.

  2. +Colleen Rose thanks :)  and for the tags, I really am going to have to get to grips with those.

  3. I so enjoy this image, +Steve Johnson ; most excellent everything! :)

  4. +Steve Johnson thought it went well with your picture.

  5. +Richard Harlos High praise indeed – thank you kindly :)

  6. +Howard Suissa Agreed – I hadn't heard it before so thanks for that :)

  7. Sweet! Fall ist coming! My favorite season. And you pictured one of the reasons!

  8. Thanks +Caroline Lavoie :) +Thomas Jäger I agree re Fall – something happens and it is not so much the temperature but the quality of light that suddenly changes. Between about now and the new year is always my most productive time.

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