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  1. Thanks +Matt Smith appreciated – I've been slacking in the caption department a bit lately :)

  2. Ladies and gentlemen. +Steve Johnson  Unplugged!!

    Oh yeah. Very nice! I like this a lot!

  3. Hey +Greg Murray thanks –  unplugged occasionally is good :)

  4. You are welcome and only for very short amounts of time or I start to shake and tremble!! LOL
    +Steve Johnson 

  5. our internet went down for an hour or so this morning – that was long enough unplugged for me :)

  6. +Greg Murray just went down again for an hour – withdrawal was setting in pretty bad :) – think I've found the problem though.

  7. ACK!! Good deal about finding the problem!! 
    +Steve Johnson 

  8. Yup – forgot that the modem had a battery in it – took that out, did a proper reboot and all is now well with the world :)

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