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  1. I am just curious — what is the name of the 2 night setting? I have “night Snapshot.” and “Long Shutter,” as well as “fireworks” on my wee Canon SD1200IS. So far I find program mode problematic. Love the camera but want to maximize my use of it so I’m happy to find your blog!

    • steve


      The one that doesn’t really interest me is the one on the rotary dial that has a picture of a crescent moon, head and shoulders and an Eiffel Tower. You need really good eyesight to make that out on the dial itself.

      The interesting one, that turns the camera into a real point and shoot in just about any conditions. is in the function menu so:
      Set rotary dial to Scene
      Press function button (middle button of the cross on the back of the camera
      On the left Icons that appear on the viewscreen highlight the top one
      Then highlight the candle icon on the bottom row
      The other essential thing is to make sure that the flash is set to off (not auto)

      Hope this helps and pleased that you like the blog – thanks!


  2. joe

    thank you so much for sharing this information,
    will give this a try with my p&s canon
    always wanted to get some decent shots in low light


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