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  1. +Dirk Nabel Thanks Dirk – something abstract to start the day. +Jerry Kiesewetter It is a contemporary doorknocker – the background is the metal plate (brushed steel), the top loop is welded to the plate and the second loop becomes a spiral (out of shot) that holds a stone – that part does the knocking :)

  2. +Steve Johnson Thanks…That was going to drive me crazy all day :-)

  3. I'll post a photo of the whole thing later on today – used to have one at the top of my page but I changed those a couple of days ago. It is a really cool doorknocker by a local artist – bought it for my wife as an anniversary presnt one year – not as strange as it sounds – honest! :)

  4. Ok..now you have put songs in my head +Steve Johnson I hear you knocking but you can't come in. Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door. Thanks a ton! ;-)

  5. Both excellent songs! Dylan's version of the latter was the best. Wasn't there one called 'Knock Three Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me' or that might have been the first line of the chorus – awful tune that got lodged in the brain.

  6. Twice on the pipes if the answer is no. I remember that song. Bob Dylan wrote Knocking on heavens door. I like his version the best also. Knock three times was Tony Orlando and Dawn.

  7. +Greg Murray Did not know that – unfortunately 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon' is now stuck in my brain.

  8. Think I shall go to youtube.com and listen to it over and over and over again. Well maybe not. :-)

  9. +Greg Murray ha! I've got a youtube flyout on my G+ page – think it is new and don't know if it is something they are trialing but basically if you type a song in a version plays and the video comes up in seperate small window (used to be Javascript don't know if that is still the case). It is on the right hand side of the page near the top. It is extremely addictive.

  10. Yeah that is Google's way of getting us more tied into their system of gmail, google search, G+, youtube.
    I use them all already though. Oh lest we forget the Chrome browser. Don't think I will get a laptop with Google's chrome operating system. Laptops are okay for portability but I want my large display for at home.

  11. This is wonderful, Steve. Beautiful abstract.

  12. +Greg Murray I don't have much of a problem with Google to be honest – while they are the best fit for my needs I'll use them and if something better comes along I'll use that. I must admit that I find the whole brand fandom thing a bit disturbing – best reserved for sports teams :) They have been open about their intentions.

  13. +Tricia McDonald Ward Thanks Tricia – appreciated. It is not often that I'm happy with an image with nothing recognizable in it but I liked this one for some reason.

  14. +Lynne Goodwin Thanks Lynne – nifty is a great word :)

  15. I agree. I use what I find works the best for me. With that being said this message was brought to you via an Android smartphone. Samsung Infuse 4G.

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