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  1.  hegde supriya
     Uri Palatnik

    +hegde supriya +Uri Palatnik Thanks appreciated :)

  2. Nice one.  There are some permanent statues like that here in Clarksville, TN.  I always think the one in a similar position to the guy in your picture is an actual person sitting there.

  3. +H.N. James Me too – it's actually a little bit creepy. The statue is a really good piece of art but its positioned slap bang in the middle of the main entrance to the park.

  4. Totally creepy! The statue-sitting-on-a-bench here in town is right on the corner by the Courthouse; so every time I come to the stop sign I see it out of the corner of my eye and start a little.

  5. Exactly the same effect as this one has – pity because it would have been really cool if it were actually in the park facing the big stage there rather than looking out towards the road.

  6. I should go out and photograph it this weekend and post a photo for you :)

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