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  1. I won a couple copies from a contest that +Alex Koloskov had a couple months back and have to say it's one of the best photog mags out there. Very little adverts and filled with actual content.

  2. +Noah Katz yup – big on content which makes a refreshing change – congrats on the win :)

  3. +Steve Johnson We are running another HDR contest with 12 prizes from +c't Digital Photography right now, only one day left, you still may enter and win:

  4. +Alex Koloskov thanks for the heads up but I think I'll leave that one to the HDR experts :)

  5. +Alex Koloskov we're really excited abou the contest. You have some extremely talented artists in your circles. Hopefully we'll get our shipment of Issue 9 in time to include copies for the winners!

  6. Thank you +Noah Katz and +Steve Johnson, we're quite proud of the content we're able to offer our readers. Hope you continue to enjoy the magazine and please tell your circles about us: more subscribers = more issues of c't DP to come. Cheers!

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