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  1. wow . . . great shot . .. film noir look

  2. deep thinker… nice play with the light!

  3. +don waters Thanks Don – I am a complete sucker for anything Noir :)

  4. +Bernd Schaefers Thanks Bernd – night photography is something that I would really like to do more of.

  5. I really like the subject contrast in this one +Steve Johnson!

  6. +Shantha Marie Fountain Thanks – I resisted the temptation to lighten the image to keep that contrast.

  7. +Steve Johnson I know that feeling very well. =)

    Something I experiment with and hope to get better at as I continue to learn.

  8. great contrast.love it++


  9. I just love this, Steve … the mystery in it from the contrast just keeps me staring.

  10. +Robin Griggs Wood Thanks Robin – there is something about night photography. +buda buda Thanks :)

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