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  1. like it. focus on nothing.

  2. Hi there +Steve Johnson its been a while! Love this image! Hope all is well! :-D

  3. Hi +Myrna Weinreich it has been too long! my apologies – no complaints at all from this end :).

  4. I accept your apology..now please accept mine! :-D

  5. Oh, doing well..started using LR and CEP since the last time we spoke +Steve Johnson

  6. LR I know – what is CEP? – I have a feeling that I am going to kick myself when I find out :)

  7. Color Efex Pro from NIK

  8. +Myrna Weinreich I am now kicking myself – thanks :)

  9. +Myrna Weinreich for not working out that CEP was color efex pro.

  10. LOL nah, don't kick yourself!

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