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  1. why should that be your LAST ONE? I just saw this one…. I want MORE. That is gorgeous. Now i have to go see the rest :) … I just love what depth of field focus does. It creates "accidental art" where "in real life" the scene might be as dull as doornails.

  2. This is a very pretty photo. Thank you

  3. +Richard Hoefer Thanks! Exactly right – but that does lead to a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. I used to be obnoxiously puritanical and always aim for the maximum dof possible – anything else seemed like cheating. I have mellowed in my old age though :)

  4. I love the color in this shot, just beautiful..

  5. +Steve Johnson , controlling Depth of field is an art in and of itself. I'd say it's not to be taken for granted as cheating. :) Yes, we see fads where it can be overused in advertising because it is perfect for enabling copy to be knocked out of the soft areas… But that is apples and oranges. I think even given the over-simplicity of today's auto-everything DSLR's, someone pressing a button with an icon that represents "manual focus" wouldn't necessarily produce the image you did above. A click further in either direction… a tilt up or down, a pan left or right… Let's face it, there is still a lot of visual control exerted by someone in command of a camera. Oh, that, and I talk too much. It's beautiful.

  6. a really pretty shot +Steve Johnson looking forward to seeing more down the road too

  7. Very nice. One of my favorites. It's hard not to like the soft color.

  8. I love it… the subtle light in the darkness.

  9. +maru clavier +Ron Bearry +John Dusseault Thanks for the vote of confidence! I was a bit wary of posting these for some reason.

  10. I have to agree with others commenting – this is very appealing. I hope to see more of this style from you!

  11. +Nikuro Raind Thanks! +Tricia McDonald Ward Thanks Tricia – I'll try my best to oblige – embrace the bokeh or something like that :)

  12. WOW! Really love this one! so cool!

  13. Really love this one!!

  14. +Steve Johnson Sorry for the probably too many comments I made yesterday – too many as you can read – and the one with the tears, you might not understood – I was so overhelmed of your creativity … – perhaps now you understand …

  15. +Miguela Arana Thanks – I was so busy yesterday with stuff here and other other non photography stuff that I wasn't really too aware of much really. No problem anyway and thanks for the compliment :)

  16. As I saw what you posted today – in any case you did well – and I*m realy glad that you recieve now the honour you should get – I was really astonished about some comments down – I know that you know why. ;-)

  17. I like this a lot Steve. Has a very fall / christmas feel to it.

  18. +Dave Nitsche Thanks Dave – caught me by surprise a bit as I hadn't given Christmas a thought up until when I saw this scene.

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