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  1. What did you use, do to set it up?

  2. Really cool effect, Steve.

  3. +Nick Maxwell Thanks Nick – bet you can't guess who the subject is :)

  4. I think I have an idea, yeah :)

  5. Love this picture. So much implied by what's not seen.

  6. +Myrna Weinreich Just edited a fairly low resolution shot taken with ambient light – i.e. a lamp on the left looking at the image – hence the blown highlight on the shoulder and upper arm, I used Picasa (which I rarely use for anything) to do the blur – fairly crude tool – lets you select the center and size of the in focus part of the image and that is about it. A better tool would let you control the feathering and maybe even the shape of the in focus area. It would be a fairly straightforward task in Photoshop.

  7. +Tutivillus Grift Thanks appreciated! I think photography works best when the viewer has to do some of the work – art is a two way communication in my opinion.

  8. Great impact even before opening the thumbnail.

  9. Lovely composition and effect!

  10. Wow, great isolation technique!!!

  11. +JC Photog bit rough at the moment – the highlights are causing slight problems with ambient lit images but will be solved soon I hope.

  12. +JC Photog I can get a pretty good approximation of a Lensbaby in camera for certain subjects – e.g. well lit outdoors or macro by using magnifying/wide angle attachments singly or in combination. Even a bit of tilt shift with macro (involves clamping the attachments). Possibly doable by going in close with an efl 17mm setup. I feel an experiment coming on :)

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