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  1. +Celtaur Theron got it in one :) rechargeable ones in the recharger.

  2. what's this /.I still don't know

  3. +Calvin King Rechargeable Duracell batteries in a recharger :)

  4. thats amazing if thats what it is!! well done steve!!

  5. +lin dunc Thanks! was testing a macro attachment IIRC and this was the nearest thing to hand

  6. +Keith Dixon Interesting lesson in abstraction – I know its a battery so it looks like a battery to me but I haven't a clue really if I'd recognize it with no context, i.e. if someone else had shot it and just showed me the pic.

  7. I would not have guessed correctly. I do like it though.

  8. always find your perspective interesting and inspiring. I love this out-of-focus.

  9. Help me understand what u are showing here?

  10. +ANSON JETT two AA size Duracell batteries in a recharger. They are held in place by a piece of metal identical to the one in the foreground. That piece of metal is spring loaded and can be pulled back (towards the right as viewed in the image to insert more batteries if required. The recharging unit consists of 4 sections, each capable of containing two AA batteries.

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