10 Responses to “Anybody out there?”


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  1. I am told from time to time that I am "out there" :-)

  2. That's why we connect!! 
    Very nice shot by the way! 
    Like I have said many times you always get the light right and that makes your shots superb.

  3. Thanks Greg – I was thinking about the light thing the other day and suspect that thinking in terms of tone i.e. shades of gray rather than light specifically really helps.

  4. +Steve Johnson Interesting point shades of gray

  5. +Mark Forman It sort of makes post processing easier – trying to get a balance as opposed to strict accuracy – if that makes any sense.

  6. You are welcome and thank you +Steve Johnson

  7. what +Greg Murray said : ) you get the balance right for me that's for sure! +Steve Johnson

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