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  1. "Hey, boys, it looks like the only bad luck around here belongs to da cat"

  2. There is something very fishy going on!!

  3. I Smell Something Fishy

  4. awwww this is cute reminds me of my childhood and playing with little toys like this =]

  5. "Honey, I Shrunk the Black Panther…Again!" Starring Rick Moranis as…is he still alive?

  6. How about "Damm…that blue fishy is sure spooky" Mmmmmwoew

  7. "Turnabout Is Fair Play"

  8. The image is fantastically absurdist; it cries out for a caption like "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Black Panther."

  9. I think +Joe Navratil is the winner, personally.

  10. "Next one who asks if I'm a catfish is changing their name to dinner."

  11. Since this takes place on the web, words are unnecessary. ;-)


  12. All excellent :) and better than my original idea:
    "Mushroom flavored cat treats my ass..!'

  13. "For the last time, my name is NOT Hootie!"

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