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  1. this is wonderful, just so serene, can you explain your title? it just seems so perfectly comfortable and……..beautiful to me.

  2. +Sherrie von Sternberg thanks ! re title two things: It is a make up mirror and was thinking of aging and the uneasy feeling that can come with the passing of the years the second is more trivial – I know that many people (not me) feel uneasy when something isn't dead center :)

  3. Ah yes…aging ;) I have been dealing with that and have decided that aging is the gift that is so much better than the alternative! And dead center is dead boring to me :D I love this photograph!

  4. +Sherrie von Sternberg Exactly my views on aging -actually find it very liberating to be honest. An old art teacher hated mirror symmetry (no pun intended) said it made work look static and uninteresting and called its use lazy – she didn't take any prisoners!

  5. what a great mentor!!!! and good for you that you learned the lesson of aging when you are still so young!!!!

  6. +Sherrie von Sternberg Best (and the hardest) that I've had – she could spot lazy thinking at 100 paces :)

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