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  1. Thanks +Kel Hayner I must admit that it turned out better than I thought it was going to :)

  2. its gorgeous color ~ and i love its DOF ;)

  3. It does have a strange attraction because of that solid blue & receding to dark on the righthandside – cool shot of an everyday sight :)

  4. Thanks – This was one that very little thought went into – just turned the corner, thought the color was interested and grabbed a couple of shots. 

  5. +Steve Johnson Ah, often some of the best shots :)

  6. Thanks +raymond samson a bit of a change of pace :)

  7. Thanks +raymond samson a bit of a change of pace :)

  8. I wrote a poem with the same title:)

  9. +Paul van de Loo Thanks :) +Tarringo Vaughan have you posted it anywhere online? – wouldn't mind reading it unless it is private of course.

  10. its published in one of my books…I will post when I find it on my computer…mine is about the homeless

  11. +Tarringo Vaughan 
    Excellent! really look forward to seeing it – subject very close to my heart.

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