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  1. +Steve Johnson great set of b&w detail_shots Steve

  2. Wonderful album Steve! Did you nail the photo you were looking for? (surely you must have… these are all excellent)

  3. +Lisa Mikulski Thanks Lisa – as for nailing it – nope but that is probably a good thing :)

  4. +Dirk Nabel Thanks Dirk – really appreciated.

  5. such wonderful curves and textures +Steve Johnson – love the series.

  6. very cool set. great work.

  7. Amazing how much detail and quality of light we can get out of such a simple subject – lovely stuff!

  8. +Steve Johnson – these lines are so pleasing to the eye. I find my gaze wandering over them savouring every curve. Really made my day seeing this series from you! :)

  9. Realy like this gallery ! Thanks for sharing +Steve Johnson ;)

  10. wonderful shades, I am enjoying the grayscale

  11. Love the shallow depth of field here. That's a nice lens.

  12. Love the shallow depth of field here. That's a nice lens.

  13. Love the shallow depth of field here. That's a nice lens.

  14. Love the shallow depth of field here. That's a nice lens.

  15. +Jeff Vyse 50mm f1.8 – hardly ever comes off the camera. This is the Nikon variation. When I'm rich I may pop for the f1.4 :)

  16. +Christoph Sochanowski +Ludovic Godet +Daniel Chen +Lynda Bowyer Thanks! – this type of shooting is what first made me take up photography.

  17. I had planned to buy it for this kind of shot +Steve Johnson This makes me want it right now!!

  18. think I will get a 50mm too,stunning

  19. +David Kaiser +Jeff Vyse I really like the lens a lot – it is not pin sharp at f1.8 but that doesn't worry me too much – by around f2.8 it is pretty good and by f4 it competes with the very best. One other thing is that the d40x is a crop sensor so the efl of the lens is around 75mm. Personally this suits me just fine as it means that it can be used for anything where huge reach isn't required e.g. sport or birds. It takes surprisingly good traditional portraits as well. The other thing worth mentioning is that it is not automatic on all cameras (like the d40x) not an issue for me as I prefer manual focus anyway (habit more than elitism).

    It really was quite dark when I shot these so they are ISO 400. Did some PP in Lightroom, nothing to drastic though. Click on the images to get at the EXIF data.

  20. Thanks for that +Steve Johnson useful first hand knowledge. f1.8 is what appeals. The ultimate in sharpness doesn't worry me your shots look great to me.

  21. +Jeff Vyse Thanks! I'd still probably not go below f4 for a print though – the tripod would get dusted off as well mind you.

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