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  1. Thanks +Victor Bezrukov  I am truly honored :)

  2. +Steve Johnson you're very welcome ! fantastic light and perspective !

  3. +Victor Bezrukov  Thanks – I try to put into practice what I've learned from you and others here. :)

  4. +Steve Johnson  same here – i love to learn :-)

  5. Sitting all alone looking for company…

  6. +Victor Bezrukov It is the learning that  drives me. If I ever reach the point where I feel that photography has nothing to teach me I will put the camera down forever. I don't see that happening though.

  7. Wonderful choice +Victor Bezrukov for your daily inspiration . I am also inspired by +Steve Johnson  's work. Wonderful shot Steve.

  8. +Steve Johnson  exactlt Steve ! so indeed !
    +Jeff Smith  have a great 2013, friends !

  9. I Love the shadowing and mysterious qualities.  Great photo!

  10. this really is a masterpiece, congradulations

  11. You're very welcome, it really tells a story…I'm fascinated by it

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