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  1. I use my Lumix ZS8 for a lot of my photos since it fits easily into my pocket. Most of the time I use the auto features, but the fireworks feature and the built in HDR modes are also very nice. The only thing I am not big on is some indoor low light shots. My Sony is much better for those than the Lumix. Outdoor shots they are both very good.

  2. Thanks Beth – re the low light stuff I've tried several settings – this worked best – pretty usable but the downside is that the resolution is reduced.

    'High Sensitivity' under the SCN setting on the dial – got some pretty good results – especially with the 2mp widescreen setting. Not good for printing but fine for web.

  3. My Pleasure – The only reason I found it is because my Canon Powershot has something similar. In both cases the manual writer's undersell it though so it is hard to find.

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