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  1. very cool and dreamy processing!

  2. +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane – this is my work avoidance strategy :)

  3. hehehehehehe – can you pull me in too?

  4. +shane holsclaw with pleasure – more the merrier :)

  5. Benefit of getting up early ;) nice dreamy shot…

  6. +Paras Shah Thanks Paras – about 6.30 AM IIRC :)

  7. I would be enjoying my last hr of sleep around 6:30am… However I do get up early occasionally to capture colorful sunrise!!!

  8. +Paras Shah I'm usually filling up on coffee at that hour of the day :)

  9. I am used (pampered) to morning tea prepared by my wife ;) :D

  10. Fabulous as always, +Steve Johnson. I just love your stuff. So dreamy, and the red POPS!

  11. +Jennifer Eden Thanks Jennifer – She pulled the coat up very quickly – the shot was pure instinct. I was watching the group when she walked past.

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