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  1. perfetto. +Steve Johnson that's simply classic.

  2. +Jon Savage Thanks Jon – appreciated. How are the current numbers at the Long Island #ows ?

  3. An outstanding B&W here, love the lines and the vignette

  4. This makes me want to head out with my camera right now. It's a simple everyday scene made interesting through the lens of a photographer. Check out the portable bathroom in front of the three car garage. :) Thanks for sharing. I've been looking at it for five minutes now.

  5. +Ron Bearry thanks Ron! that bathroom has been there forever, think it is for workmen – when this was shot the parking lot was in the middle of being redeveloped.

  6. +Dave DiCello Thanks Dave – a very simple grab shot. I think the vignette was unintentional :)

  7. Beautifully done! I was thinking if it would be anything close to what it is without the human being in it! Don't think so, it is an integral part of making this image.

  8. Great perspective and tone on this…

  9. +Shawn McClure Thanks Shawn – very easy – this one was literally point and shoot. +Sumit Sen Thanks Sumit, I walk past there everyday and having the person at that point made a big difference – despite the small relative size.

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