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  1. My P&S never got a shot that good! Nice work!

  2. Thanks +Lori Bush – should have added that the most important thing is to set the metering to spot – and a long zoom helps a lot :)

  3. I've seen a lot of supermoon pics but I really like this one, tones are just my kind…nostalgic to me. :)

  4. Point and shoot? Dang, that's impressing! :)

  5. +Yumi Shoji thanks – gave me a very similar feeling. I tried normal colr, B and W but this version seemed more real for some reason. +Daniel Chen the anti aliasing lets it down a bit but that seems to be a flaw with this camera – it struggles with very contrasty edges.

  6. actually like this, rough edges included

  7. Better than my photo from my blackberry Lol

  8. Very nice Steve! I like the color. It’s enjoyable to see something other than a ‘cookie cutter’ shot of the moon.

    It looks like a moldy orange . . .

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