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  1. This photo reminds me of myself. I'm not sure why. I'm liking the rays of light.

  2. +Ron Bearry Thanks Ron – had a love hate relationship with the sun on this shoot – it was around dusk and the horizon was/is very bumpy so one step changed everything.

  3. I think it is – the shoot was a luxury housing development and this was one of a couple I grabbed for myself.

    The development was being marketed as upmarket 'beachy' so the firepit would fit.

  4. The old right/left headache eh? I wonder how shooting down on the scene would have worked ?

  5. must … not … start … Steve's … big … stones … jokes … must … not … must … not … < wrenches fingers from keyboard >

  6. Uh, oh……..hands over eyes……..

  7. +Robin Griggs Wood ha! – I did wonder about using that caption :)

  8. +Renee Stewart Jackson did try shooting down from a house to the right and it lost all of its drama to be honest.

  9. Very cool light here.. I love this.

  10. Good for you for trying !
    I thought it might change the shadows, thereby changing the most dramatic element in the scene. :)

  11. you are a wizard – who creates secrets with normal things

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