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  1. Love it, very dark feeling

  2. Nice! Very Banksy-esque.

  3. Simple and crisp. Really liking this image. Well done.

  4. Love these little birds. Lovely silhouette.

  5. +Steve Johnson I like to tweak some images with Picnik as well. I thought it was just me! Love it!

  6. Perfect composition… :)

  7. +Shantha Marie Fountain It is also handy because it can be worked with from any computer of course +Anthony Pereira Now you mention it – it does have that stencil type feel. +Salina Kemp +Deryl Stonestreet +CJ Schmit +shane holsclaw +Stephen Candler +Shirren Lim +Ida Ochoteco
    Thanks :)

  8. I really love how you use the most basic tools to make very stunning pictures

  9. +Deric Mongeon Thanks! that's a really nice compliment – probably comes from years of having to make do :)

  10. beautiful as always! poetry in pictures..top shot


  11. Lovin' the square cropping of late. Great stuff +Steve Johnson :)

  12. Very cool! I hadn't heard of Picnik before but now I want to try it.

  13. Thnaks +Lynda Bowyer +Tricia McDonald Ward It can be accessed via Flickr, Picasa or directly. I've an account (free) don't know if that makes any difference to the tools I get to use. There is a paid subscription but I don't use that one.

  14. I'm using Picnik quite a lot lately too +Steve Johnson – I like the simplicity of it when I want a no-fuss approach to my processing. Great to use, isn't it? :)

  15. Very impressive Steve & great to see such good work without the need for expensive or very time-consuming processing!

  16. +David Hawkins-Weeks I don't do well with painstaking – anything I use has to be fairly instinctive and this approach is certainly not bad for a safety net. This wole edit took about 3 minutes – and that was with a few undoes along the way.

  17. Looks like a complex workflow ;-) However – the result is impressive. Lovely Shadow play.

  18. +Steve Johnson Wow, fast editing! Personally, I'm not a fan of vast amounts of time spent editing either; prefer it if I can get most of what's needed straight off the camera.

  19. amazing good treatment

  20. +David Hawkins-Weeks Definitely agree there – I aim to nail exposure etc and then spend less time editing. Don't always succeed mind you!

    The non-linearity of Lightroom is the best thing that happened to my photography – set one photograph up then just copy the settings, fast batch exporting and the originals can always be returned to at any point in the process- don't even have to remember to save copies. I will open Picnik in preference to Photoshop now though – as it is much more instinctive.

  21. Picnik is nice tool!
    thank you!

    and i love this picture :)

  22. Wonderful work here! I +1'd this from my phone earlier today and wow it looks even better now on my big monitor at home!

  23. +Noriko Taga Thanks! I think that people expect very little from a web based tool but the filters are really high quality. I don't know who's code they have access to but the results are not a million miles away from Adobe's.

  24. +Greg Murray Thanks Greg – I know what you mean I have a pretty basic phone but it is good for reading streams and messages but it takes a lot for me to interact on it.

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