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  1. +Steve Johnson another excellent image. Simple images are priceless!

  2. +Jeff Smith  Thanks Jeff :) 
    +Lon Miles Thanks – I like simple :)

  3. aha . . . a whole new avenue yet to be explored . . .  I do have a lot of instruments around here , including an old piana ; )   love this one Steve . 

  4. +Jules Falk Hunter I am limited to one – this old piano and my wife is the player not me. I'm about as musical as a wailing banshee :)

  5. +Steve Johnson I took piano and violin lessons, but never practiced so never got any good . . . my kids however are a whole different musical story, and we have piano , trumpet, drums, mandolin, guitar, ukes and banjos . . . oooh and harmonicas . . . now that would make a cool macro subject ; ) 

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter - sounds like you had your own in house folk band – must have been great fun :)

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