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  1. I vote for color. It seems lots of details are lost in the b&w version.

  2. i don't know, seems the shadows beckon in the b&w, like both . lee

  3. I usually prefer b&w, but the color works really well here.

  4. I like both but much prefer the Technicolor version here

  5. Ok. Color it is. B&W at first seemed best…

  6. I like the higher contrast in the B&W, but much prefer the color beyond that. The color is delicious.

  7. I vote for the coloured version!

  8. Color it is for me as well…

  9. In this case color for me. Generally prefer b/w though

  10. Wonderful colors! Color it is!

  11. This one is difficult! The colours are gorgeous on the first one! And the texture, details, in the second one is superb! I don't know why but when you open the pictures in your album the B&W are bigger and if the coloured one was the same size I think it would show the details too. So my vote is for the colour one! :)

  12. it's hard to say, since the b/w version is avaliable in a much larger version…. I don't suppose you're trying to manipulate us? ;-))
    However: my coice is color.

  13. color for me.But… what is it?
    Bye :-)

  14. I like them both but then I could like the color as a Desktop Background.

  15. Thanks for the responses. I didn't realize that I'd posted different sizes – will try to rectify that. No manipulation intended :)The photo was shot for a Guardian UK themed project called 'Autumn colors' so the colored one was very much the intended goal.

    Overall I prefer black and white to color photography and with this, I think, comes a liking for less information – removing detail often increases the drama. Some photographers want every pixel to be all that it can be while others take a much more reductionist approach. I tend towards the latter.

    I think the color one did the job that was intended regarding the theme as it illustrates autumn colors but I think the B/W version works on a more symbolic level regarding seasons, death impermanence etc.

  16. they're both awesome. b/w is more moody..but the colors are really great in the color version. : )

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