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  1. I didn't download, but it looks fantastic in google docs Steve. 

  2. Thanks +Sam Weinstein appreciated :) – on my computer the preview version looked as if it only used about 4 shades of gray! the downloaded one looked a whole lot better. 

  3. Ahh, I'll give it a look downloaded then :) 

  4. i just downloaded it and looked at it Steve.  Looks equally fantastic.  Maybe my google docs is just on steroids. beautiful work! 

  5. Thanks +Sam Weinstein maybe I have my browser/docs set up wrong – always a strong possibility ;)

  6. My pleasure Steve.  I really love the square format too btw :) 

  7. +Sam Weinstein I tried a landscape format first (for the book) and it just didn't seem right – square seemed a bit gimmicky but it really did work a lot better – at least in my opinion :)

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