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  1. Adore the picture (Hate the flower) haha - 

    My ex was named Susan, she gave me MANY a black eye, odd, I know, I shouldn't hold it against the flower, now should I? 25 years is a long time to hold a grudge aint it? 

  2. +Gord Birch Sounds rough – don't blame you for not liking the flower. 

  3. +Steve Johnson Gorgeous work on this picture, you should enter it in the 3 colour even that is going on right now

  4. +Gord Birch Thanks for the heads up and done – for some reason the event didn't come up on my feed.

  5. +Steve Johnson Nice event, only one picture can be entered, so I have yet to enter – still looking for that right 3 colour pic, but this, wow, it fits, I would vote for it

  6. Apologies for the fact that their are now three versions of this same image floating around – 50% my fault 50% Googles – long story :)

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