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  1. great. now i'm thirsty. ;P

  2. +kim pemberton A nice tall gin and tonic would go down really well about now (:

  3. mmmm.. rye n' ginger ~ even better. : )

  4. That is a striking image very boldly executed. It works at all levels for me. The G&T suggestion makes it a true winner!, Yes +Laurent Coppée ? :-)

  5. J'aime la saturation des couleurs qui entre en jeu lorsque l'on mesure la quantité de couleur chromatique réfléchie par la glace dans le verre.

  6. Completely agree with you +Sumit Sen :)

  7. +Dorian Sugar Merci, c'est très apprécié

  8. +Sumit Sen Thanks Sumit – problem is that I have no gin in the house (: G&T not so big here as it was in my country of birth (:

  9. this is really cool! literally. : )

  10. +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane – more doodling around in Lightroom (:

  11. great ice cubes! top shot

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