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  1. oh nicely played!!  going to have to figure out something for you between the windows . . . 

  2. +Jules Falk Hunter I may have some windows for you later on this evening – will be shooting bricks (don't ask) later on this afternoon and where there are bricks there are often windows :)

  3. +Steve Johnson sounds good! to add even more of a challenge though, the optional theme this week is 'pets in the window'  . . . see if you can't find me something exotic . . . seeing a lot of cats today,  obviously ; ) 

  4. +Jules Falk Hunter 
    Yup spotted the cats – not sure what I'll be able to turn up – we are petless at the moment.

  5. Looks like BW shortcut. Good decision about turning it into black & white.

  6. +Steve Johnson I was thinking if you were out and about , you might come across something interesting . . . otherwise, I'm happy to receive anything you'd like to share with +#Window Wednesday  : ) 

  7. +Maciek Kreft do you mean the Windows + V shortcut in Lightroom?
    I find that tends to give a very washed out conversion but it may just be me. 

  8. I've no idea, I'm using only PS. Maybe I used wrong word, firstly I was thinking about short form of black and white. My mistake :)

  9. +Maciek Kreft No mistake other than mine  :)

  10. +Steve Johnson +Jules Falk Hunter I have enjoyed these posts so very much and am a great fan of #gameswithjules   Thank you both.

  11. +Evelyn S. Lamprey yay!! happy you are enjoying the games : )  I just posted an intriguing one , maybe you know the answer . . . #gameswithsteve  

  12. Lots of fun memories playing boggle. Cheers!

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