10 Responses to “Bokeh of Cold Steel”


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  1. Nice line! I know, you like perfect composition ;-)

  2. +Serge Frei Ha! so much for never let the perfect get in the way of the good :)

  3. This is fantabulous… I could completely lose myself in this picture! It always amazes me the way a picture, just a moment in time, can evoke the most interesting feelings..

  4. All can be, except harm!

  5. I really like this. Well done +Steve Johnson

  6. +Melisa Lambert That is the beauty of photography for me. The camera sees things very differently from the way we do.

  7. +Levi Moore Thanks – really appreciated

  8. I am always aspiring to capture what I "see", sometimes I do and sometimes I don't… but, I think half the fun is in the trying ;-)

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