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  1. hehe maybe brave but a little idiotic ; )

  2. I have two of them with the same issues. I had seen another tutorial on how to do this, but hadn't actually done it yet, as getting the screws removed the first time I tried it after removing the battery proved hard on the screwdrivers I had that fit the screws. I need to get another better set and try this again. It's a great camera for a point and shoot except for the dust issues.

  3. Brave yes. Given my ability to accomplish the task.. now that would be idiocy!

  4. +William Mazdra ha! I felt the same way – spent 4 days trying to convince myself that I could live with the spot. Took me two years to pluck up the courage to clean a DSLR sensor :)

  5. actually an informative blog

  6. +Beth Akerman I spent $3 on the screwdriver (not part of a set and normal handle – not jewellers) it took the pressure required without complaint. The dust issue does seem bad with these cameras and. like you, I really like them. Now that I've done this once though I have absolutely no fears about doing it again and that is great for peace of mind.

  7. thanks for the article, would be handy should my TZ7/ZS3 needed some attention inside. I would send it in for service if its brand new and on warranty though.

  8. +eugene foong Thanks – normally I would do the same but it was combination of less than stellar reports about the service dept and several people saying that this was not a difficult repair that went towards my decision. I wouldn't have attempted it without knowing what the interior looked like before undoing the first screw – that much is for sure :)

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