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  1. Steve, this feels off to me. I keep trying to focus on the second black key from the right, but that's not where the focus is. I then go to the key on the right and feel a bit crowded. There is a tension in the image.

  2. +Dee Zunker It is an odd 'lo-fi' lens and attachment combination – that roughly equals efl 18mm but from about an inch away, f3.3 and ISO1600 so the perspective is unusual and there is no tack sharp point in the image. Tension is good :)

  3. Wow this is too technical for me…. i like focus on the right, blur in center & the front of black keys become white in the background

  4. +christophe tessa me too :) .At the end of the day an image either works or it doesn't. It was a good excuse to test a different approach though .

  5. What's the next note? =) I can hear "Auld Lang Syne" but my tonal memory may be off so I may be wrong. =)

  6. CFE starting at C (I think) Not sure what key it is normally in. :) – think it is one with lots of sharps though.

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