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  1. They see me rollin', they hate'n….

  2. What are you looking at? This is our town now.

  3. Now where is that fairway?

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand their OFF!

  5. Have you seen my ball?
    Mind if we play through?

  6. Are you sure this is the way to the back 9?

  7. I've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel

  8. This is the worst rough I've seen.

  9. +Greg Murray Ha Ha! I have a tough time imagining Radar Love having anything to do with golf carts! Good one!

  10. Indy 500, retired people style!

  11. +Kelsey Chambers IIRC they were a local company doubling up as security for our summer festival so that may have been pretty close to what they were thinking.

  12. +Julie Stropp Our version of the Indy 500 – same state but that is about it. +Rod Warczak +Greg Murray ha! fond memories of that song – Golden Earring a dutch band IIRC +David D. Stanton excellent! +Evelyn Lamprey ha! that is about as close as I'd want to get to a golf course.

  13. Dude, Where's My Cart?

  14. I'm sorry sir, all carts are checked out at the moment.

  15. "picture me rollin'" Tupac

  16. ¨It used to be easy to find a golf course around here¨

  17. ¨I swear the 9th hole sign said turn left¨

  18. ¨I don´t think that´s what they meant by longest drive, Bob¨

  19. ¨Told you that carbon tax was gonna pass, mate, bloody lucky we´re only a few blocks from the clubhouse¨

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