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  1. very cool atmosphere  Steve . . . love that shaft of light and then the darkness creating quite a big of drama and mystery . . . and the lone peg, a sitting duck . . . kind of has a high noon feel about it!  this is an interesting challenge we've set ourselves . . . wonder how the dominos will stack up ; ) 

  2. Hi +Jules Falk Hunter and thanks – loved High Noon – something immortal about that movie and I am not usually a fan of Westerns. Saying that I can always watch reruns of Deadwood :)

    Not sure what is going to happen with the dominoes yet. I have another event planned for next Monday which I'll announce later on this evening. Completely different to yesterday's :)

  3. +Steve Johnson sounds exciting . . .  re the dominos, mine are a wooden set my husband made purely for setting up runs to then knock down, so no dots . . . but I figured they'd be fun to play with once the afternoon sun hits the dining room table  . . . work first though , will check back a bit later . 

  4. +Jules Falk Hunter 
    Looking forward to the dotless dominoes :) 

  5. Really wonderful mood on this +Steve Johnson! Love the DOF, and repetition with the board and awesome lighting!! Ty for tagging!

  6. No problem – seemed only fair – Thanks for the kind words :)

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