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  1. Your on a roll lately old boy :)

  2. Beautifully done.  Ultra shallow depth of field, which I adore! ;)

  3. Hey Mark! – Its finally cooled down a bit here so the enthusiasm is back. 

  4. +Lynda Bowyer Its sort of how I see the world first thing in the morning ;)

  5. agree steve, you're on a roll, this one's really great.

  6. I know the feeling… just before the reading spectacles go on and the first cuppa Joe is down the hatch! :)

  7. +Craig Froehle ha – not much I can say to that :)

  8. Thanks +raymond samson generally I prefer working with everything in focus but it makes getting a good shot much harder. Narrow dof always feels a bit like cheating so I resist the temptation to use it all the time. I think that's the reason. 

  9. know what you mean, the reason i did a lot of it before is i was fascinated with what the 50mm could do, but also felt it was no longer "straight forward" photography, but these days a lot can be done with an image and still be considered as a product of photography, modern times.

  10. I love narrow dof, it's one of my favorite ways to shoot, but now that I think about it, I agree +Steve Johnson, it does seem like cheating… 

  11. +Manny Ríos Thanks – appreciated :)
    +raymond samson agree completely – I am certainly not anti anything in photography – if it works that's great. I'm about as far from a purist as it is possible to be. I am sort of modernist in so much as the subject is secondary and the photograph is everything – it is all about line,shape tone etc but part company with the movement when it comes down to the straight photography /f64 group stuff – a photograph is never more than an abstraction of reality however little the image is altered and however small the aperture is.

  12. +Clark Baird Like anything creative I try to be a bit wary about the easy option. It may feel like cheating but I still use it a lot :)

  13. I'm not there yet, just interested in composition right now, i tend to make do with what the camera can produce as far as tones are concerned. can't seem to deal with all the aspects at the same time or just not interested, it's all in my head at the moment not in the product i put out. natural progression maybe but rather slow;)

  14. +raymond samson all sounds good to me. At the end of the day it is about what hits the sensor (or film).

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