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  1. Nice change in pace! Like it a lot.

  2. love the warmth and energy in this flower. very compelling :)

  3. +lynn langmade Thanks Lynn – 11.00PM with flash (the hard shadow on the right of the flower is a giveaway) – not the usual way to photograph flowers but it certainly brings out the color.

  4. +Steve Johnson so I see . . . hmmm didn't realize this brings out the color more. nice :)

  5. Love the colors! I presume this is an early bloom? :)

  6. +Daniel Chen Thanks – from last year to be honest. Everything in the garden is about 4 – 6 weeks ahead at the moment though. Worst part is I could be out with the lawnmower this weekend.

  7. Very nice! Winter seems to have just started here. I think the coldest day all year seemed like yesterday. It's always like that in the Spring here.

  8. +Ron Bearry Where are you? I'm in NW Indiana, about 50 miles outside of Chicago.

  9. I'm in Idaho. It is supposed to warm up this weekend.

  10. +Ron Bearry Good luck – it has been upper seventies low eighties here for about ten days now and there is no break in site. I am more used to shoveling the last of the snow than firing up the air conditioning :)

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