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  1. Really love this comp!

  2. This would look so cool printed huge, like 6 x 6 feet.

  3. +Kerry Murphy +Evelyn S. Lamprey Thanks – the black was a bit of an editing accident but I thought it looked a bit different so put it up. Honestly didn't expect anyone to like it – black and food generally don't go together to well :)

  4. wow, love everything about this shot :)

  5. It's so abstract, it really becomes something more than food, so you can get away with it. It's not really black, at least on my monitor. Maybe I need to fix the gamma :-)

  6. +Evelyn S. Lamprey That makes a lot of sense – especially coupled with the fact that I cropped out the one in-focus tomato (without working out exactly why it needed to go).

  7. +Evelyn S. Lamprey should havew added – don't fix your gamma! it is  not quite black (I think. – This laptop isn't calibrated).

  8. +Lynn Langmade Thanks – that'll work for me :)

  9. How fabulous is this shot?!!!  Love love love!

  10. Thanks +Kelli Seeger Kim  -and thanks for all the work on #macromonday – 'tis appreciated.

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