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  1. Each to their own, I guess. That's some closeup :)

  2. I love chewing gum wrappers

  3. art is in the eye of the seer

  4. +Adrian Rodriguez always do – ever since the dentist told me that it was a good thing to do. :)

  5. +Tim Haynes Thanks! subject matter can be a bit limited around here.

  6. +David Kaiser I can play with one for hours!

  7. +Diane Cooper ha! I sincerely hope so otherwise I'm toast. Thanks for the share :)

  8. Chewing gum wrapper from the mars +Steve Johnson :P Super cool!!! :D

  9. +Paras Shah ha! more like the table by my chair because I was to lazy to walk over to the bin – sad but true :)

  10. At times, lazy is good ;)

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