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  1. yammmy! i'd like chicken soup….^.<

  2. +Stacy Frazer +Sally Wang it really is good – my attitude to soup was sort of meh until I met this one. :)

  3. +Steve Johnson Do you always cook your soup in a vat? I love the sense of large scale here!

  4. +Jim Nooney ha! this is just one bowl albeit a pretty large one. Its hard to find original ways of doing food photography without making the food look, well, not good so messing around with scale and abstracting other stuff in the photo is about all there is.Saying that I did reduce the color temp (WB) of this one slightly.

  5. Well cooling off soup a little is usually a good idea!!! The steam is another nice touch.

  6. Looks very tasty! When will your cookbook be ready?

  7. +Liz Lui Hopefully it will be up on Amazon by the middle of next week. It is my wife's second, her first one was really popular so this is a sort of follow up. She says it will bwe her last though. :)

  8. +Jim Nooney Re the steam, again, anyway to vary the photographs. The book is mainly stews, soups, pies and some basic sweet stuff so comining up with 20 different ways to illustrate say, brownish liquids is tricky :)

  9. +Steve Johnson Second book? Wow, I feel so unaccomplished. When your new book is up on Amazon, please send me the title. Good luck!

  10. +Liz Lui Believe me, I am far from accomplished, my wife is the brains behind this one. Will definitely send you a note – thanks!

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